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The word wonging was coined by card counters in Atlantic City during the ending part of the 1970s. The word is used to refer to a card counting strategy where the player move from one table to another looking for a better opportunity to wager - that is when the odd is in favour of the players.


This strategy can still be gainfully employed. This strategy is all about moving from one table to another instead of staying at a table for a long time. As you are moving from table to table you have to be observant in order discover when the odds are in the player's favour at a table. This is the real time for you to sit down and play in that table. But you have to be shrewd about that in order not to be caught by the casinos. What you have to do is to wager often against cards that are freshly-shuffled.

You should leave the table as soon as the odds favour the house. There is no need for you to stay there when the waiting bet is low. This is because it can give you nothing good. You will not be noticed when you leave the table.

Play against the odds

As it has been said before, there is no need for you to play blackjack when the odd is against. But there are some situations when you can when the odd is against the player.

You can play when the odd is against you if leaving the table will make the casinos to suspect you. In such condition you need not to leave the table. You have to stay and play.

You can also play in an unfavourable condition, if you can gain more playing time by playing more game. You can also extend your game even in an unfavourable condition if you are trying to advertise. Aside from these situations, the best option for you is to leave the table when the odds are not in your favour.

This requires patience. You do not need to play just for the sake of playing. If you have started your game and you discover that the card counting is going low and the odd is turning to the side of the house, you should leave the table.

The aim is not for you get as many hands as possible but to get many favourable hands and reduce as many unfavourable hands as possible.

Wonging is more advantageous than staying for a long in one table. This is because the time you spend in a table when the game is unfavourable can be used to discover a favourable table.


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