Winning Hands

Just like other casino games Video Poker is predicated on luck and then the player's skills which are measures by his ability to apply the right strategy at the appropriate time. How lucky a player is, is known when the cards are dealt by the machine indiscriminately. This is the time the element of luck in Video Poker comes out.

However, the skill or how proficient a player is shown in the way the player manages to keep the appropriate card or play the correct card. The player needs some playing skills in order to determine the correct card to keep and the best card to play.

However, it is good to note that no matter how skilful a player is luck is the deciding factor. But a player's skill will help to brighten the player's chances of winning a game.

If you are planning to win in Video Poker, as a matter of necessity, you must be able to determine the proper card to keep and the proper one to play. This is the only way to get the winning hand at the end of the game. In the light of the above, knowing the forms of winning hands available in Video Poker is necessary if a player wants to win.

Types of Winning Hand

There are different forms of winning hands available in Video Poker. The proper application of these winning hands is what distinguishes a player from the other. Professional players know how to apply them properly. Let us briefly look at them one after the other.

Sequential Royal Flush:

At times a player may be dealt with cards that fall in same suits and also in the correct order. In the correct of spade card, the 10 spades comes before the J spades while the Q spades precedes the K spades. The A spades comes last. What a player should bear in mind is that sequential royal Flush as applied in Video Poker is different from royal flush.

Royal Flush:

This occurs when a player is dealt with the card in the same suit. Here the cards may not be dealt in exact or correct order. What is important is that all the cards are available. This is the difference between sequential royal flush and royal flush.

Straight flush

Straight flush occurs when a player is dealt with five cards that are of the same suits and also in sequence. For example, if a player is dealt with cards in spade suit all through the card appears in sequence order. This is why it is called straight hands.


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