Baccarat History

Baccarat, according a mythical story, is invented by an Italian gambler Felix Falguierein during the middle ages. Being predicated on an ancient Etruscan ritual, tarot cards were used to play the game at this early stage. The game was an imitation of a virgin's action who tried to decide her fate by throwing a die of nine sides.


According to this myth if the die showed 9 or 8 then the virgin would become a priestess but if it showed 6 0r 7 the virgin would live but has no second chance of throwing the dice again. The virgin will die by drowning herself if any number lower than six appears.

Similarly in baccarat games the winning hands always have the value of 8 and 9. On the other hands the probability of values ranging from 5 downward losing is higher.

The Italian origin of the game is seen from the name of the game - baccarat - which is the Italian word for zero. In the baccarat game, hands with zero values are the worst.


As time went on baccarat went beyond the boundaries of its birth place to other European countries. It first came to France in 1490. It was in France that the form of baccarat as we know it today started to develop. It is called the chemin de fer which is translated as railroad.

At the early stage of baccarat in France it was illegal to play the game. This explains why it was not played openly. Later the game was legalised and taxes were paid on it in order to generate fund for other purposes. This was the time it became a casino game in France though it was later banned again by Napoleon as well as Louis Phillipe.

Baccarat was elevated in England were it was played for the fun derived from it. There were also rules guiding it then. The popularity gain by baccarat in England started when the sons of Queen got involved in the game - an act that later led them to trouble.

It is from England that baccarat went to other European countries as well as South Africa.

Modern baccarat

Baccarat is played globally today. The fact that each country and casino has its own rules governing the game does not change the essence of the game. The essence remains the same. Baccarat gained popularity today due to the fact that it has been used in many films especially in James Bond movies.

Unlike before, baccarat has become a game not only for high low rollers but also for low rollers. This is evident in development of mini baccarat. It can also be played today online.


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