Baccarat Legends

The actual origin of baccarat game is not known but there are many myths about the origin of the game.

About origins

One of the oldest myths about the origin of the game traced it to the pagan ceremony of ancient Etruscan during which a virgin would be given a dice to roll. If the number that appeared was the lower numbers she would be drowned in the sea.

If the number that appeared was nine or eight she would become the high priestess. But if 7 appeared she would not be allowed to participate in religious ceremony.

Another ancient myth about the origin of baccarat traced it to another ritual that involved Tarot and nine numbers.

However, as time went on baccarat was brought to America by immigrants in the 1990s. Before this time, Baccarat has gotten to all European countries. It was in American that new forms of myth about baccarat developed.

About baccarat in America

There are many stories about baccarat in the America world. It was in 1958 that baccarat was brought to the famous Las Vegas. This gave rise to the first myth about baccarat in the US.

As regard the origin of baccarat, Francois Renzoni who was an author reputed himself as the person who brought baccarat to the famous Las Vegas.

Baccarat has a low house edge. This also sparks off another story about baccarat. Owing to the low house edge of the casinos many casinos were on the losing side. At this time a story had it that there was a casino that accrue lost of over $300,000 just over a night of game.

About card counting

In the history of baccarat in America, at a particular point in time the casinos allowed gamblers to bet on natural occurrence. Another myth was developed during this time despite the fact that this period did not last long. The story had it that Ed Thorp was able to come with a counting system with which gamblers can predict correctly natural occurrence in a hand. The system was abolished according to the story due to the fact that casinos lost huge amount of money through it.

One of the most popular stories about baccarat concerns John W. Gate a businessman of American descent. This man has serious penchant for baccarat. He used to bet with huge amount. He was nicknamed the moniker Mr. Bet-a-Million because there was a day he wagered with $1,000,000.


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